I guess I should have done more research on this instead of listening to a Dr. I had my gallbladder removed on Friday..and ever since I have been bloated, constipated, had strange abdomen pain, fever, chest pain so bad that it made me feel like I could barely breath. Today I took a laxative since I called the surgeons office and asked if it was normal that I hadnt had a bowel movement since before the surgery…well now I am having some of the worst diarrhea/pain/cramping symptoms I have ever had in my life and I have IBS so that should say alot..Im use to having those pains but these are different. I dont feel good at all after I eat no matter if I take a bite or eat a whole meal. My stomach ALWAYS feels full and like something is sitting right below my ribs in the center just pushing. I am 21 and DO NOT want to be miserable the rest of my life due to having this out..if all of these symptoms are so common afterwords than WHY do these dr’s push us to have the surgery? Cant they come up with other forms of treatment? I would rather have a gallbladder attack and lay in bed with my pain pills than deal with this everyday for the rest of my life.