“omg… i am one of the unlucky people who can no longer have alcohol since having my gallbladder removed (it was removed April 2012). I drank a month or so after and was able to “”get drunk”” for months following with no issues, however recently (the last couple months) when i get drunk i have more than a normal hangover, i am fine for a few hours upon getting up, able to make coffee, do dishes, etc… then all of a sudden, up comes the gatorade i drank for breakfast along with any FOOD i had…ugh. So then i decide, well lets just try gatorade, or water with NO food…. still comes back up, its like it hits my stomach and turns into this hard ball and within 20 mins im vomitting, violently. I even ate popcicles and still got sick. i stay sick for almost 24 hours after that, vomitting and diahrrea (sp?). It is definelty not worth drinking for me, and my case is one in its own, everyone is different, all i can say is try it out if you must, if you get sick like this, its obviously your bodies way of saying “”hey, sober up! i cant take this poison anymore….”” luckily for me im fun with or without alcohol 🙂 hope this helps someone.