“I know what you mean about those pains, I sometimes too get them in my right hand side and I have no idea why, they are just as you described – stabbing pains. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with me getting my gall bladder out or not, but now that I think of it and after reading your post, I really think it could have something to do with that. I searched for gall bladder removal message boards today because I have been having so many problems after my surgery and was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same.

I’ve been doing pretty good with my diet but for some reason, I’ve gained a lot of weight since I had the GB removed. My stomach is constantly bloated, especially after just eating. I know that sometimes people usually normally feel and get bloated after eating a large meal but this will happen to me even after eating something as small as a poptart or a few crackers. I feel as if my stomach is getting bigger and bigger every 2 weeks and I don’t know what to do to stop it. nothing fits anymore, my pants, shirts, stockings, underwear, everything’s so uncomfortable. This has never happened to me before surgery (which was in June of 06).

Have you (or anyone else) experienced this or symptoms like it? ”