Hi…I know exactly how you feel…I had my gallbladder out in May of 2009 after having an acute attack and my gallbladder was chalked full of stones…Still after the procedure was done I remained to have problems and would have attacks similiar as to when I had the gallbladder problems. I started going to a special gastro doctor and I had the same problems as you did. When an MRCP was done and an endoscopy done everything looked normal, but when I would have the attacks my liver enzymes would be through the roof. It got to the point to where the pain was constant and I was having the attacks almost everyday. I ended up in the emergency room over christmas and new years and they did tons of tests and couldn’t find anything. So my doctor told me that I needed to get an ERCP done. I live in Boise, ID and they don’t have the resources and technology down here to do them because of the risk of pancreaititis…but I was refered to this doctor in Seattle WA who does 2,000 of these procedures a year. I just got back from seattle a couple days ago after having my ERCP procedure done. What was wrong with me is my pancreatic valve wasn’t functioning properly. So they made an incision and put a plastic stint in to make it so I won’t get pancreaitis…Your case sounds exactly like mine. Although I am still in some pain and discomfort from the after effects of the procedure, which is completely normal, because they did have to make an incision inside of me, this morning was the first morning that I woke up and didn’t have an attack. I really suggest that you have the procedure done, because from the sounds of reading what you wrote, you are suffering from the exact same thing that I am going through. Its a horrible debilitating pain. But without the ERCP you won’t get better, and if you find the right doctors like I did you will have no problems