Hi all gall bladder post operative suffers.I had my gall bladder out a year ago and I must say if I had known the result I may have left things alone.I was fine for about 6 months post operative.Then all the fun began,the frequent trips to the bathroom,weakness,nausea,just a general feeling of weakness.My diet became more limited to the point where a bowl of ceral was a luxry.My Dr suggested prevalite and this has managed to stop running to the bathroom,but it has side effects as well.Being a heart patient I find I have to time my doses of prevalite two hours between my heart medication.I am told the prevalite has a binding property that absorbs the other medications I may need for my heart.It’s not fun and I still have an aching pain in my right side where my gall bladder use to be.I guess it’s pretty normal after reading all the comments here.I just thought getting the gall bladder out was a good idea since it had one HUGE stone in it and it was inflamed.I think maybe the doctors need to tell us side effects before the surgery,not after.Good luck to all of you.