“I had my gall bladder removed 5 years ago (at the ripe age of 20!) after MONTHS of pain. Similar to Brick, I won’t go to the doctor unless someone basically forces me. I had laproscopic surgery the very NEXT day after going to see the doctor (went to the regular doc, got checked into the hospital). I felt a little better after the surgery, but within a few weeks was in pain again. I went to rounds of doctors, all of whom told me I was just healing. And with the PCP insurance I had, I kept having to go back to the regular doctor when one specialist would refer me to another. Example: Regular doc says go to the gasterointerologist. She writes me a referral to him, he says he can’t do anything, go see this other doctor. Oh, but gotta go back to the regular doctor first and get her to write you a referral, or your insurance won’t even think about covering it. And on and on.

And 5 years later, I would say it hurts almost as much as it did before surgery. At least, on a far more regular basis. Daily, I wake up in crazy pain. After nearly all meals, pain. And for no apparent reason, pain. Naseaua and constant vomiting were a problem before the surgery, but now happen just as much. I still puke a few times a week. And the orange poo that brought us all here? Oh yeah. Compared to the naseaua, the poo is nothing.
And for everyone who keeps promoting a vegetarian diet, let me tell you, it’s not your godsend. I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old and in my experience I have had just as severe problems as meat eaters. Of course, cutting back fatty intake is essential, but many vegetarians have a problem of over carb-ing it. Refined sugars and flours seem easy to go down, but they have no nutritional value and take away from the vegetables and fruits (nothing too acidic, dears) which could be consumed in their place and are about as equally difficult on the ol belly. I eventually consulted a nutritionist (something a good doctor should refer everyone post- gall bladder removal to do) who helped me find a diet that really works MUCH better with my body. Infact, I felt the nutritionist had a MUCH better idea of what I was going through than the surgeons and other doctors I had.

Now, if anyone else has the daily puke problem, lemme know if you’ve got a suggestion or two.”