“Hello! It is entirely possible to still have problems after having your gallbladder removed! I am such a case. Having it removed really just takes out a place for the problem to sit. So, after it is removed, you can still be having the same problem with your bile. That is the actual problem. Not the gallbladder. In fact, in most cases, the surgery could have been avoided. (If I had only known.) I know these things now, because I am seeing a nutritional response therapist. He can “”see”” what is going on inside my body better than any doctor ever could! The problem that has to be resolved is in the bile. It’s thickening, and getting slowed down in passing through your system, and when there is no place for it to fester anymore, it can create one. Like a balloon, or something. In some cases, you could form stones.

My nutritional response therapist has me taking whole food supplements to thin out the bile, and get it flowing the way it should be. Also journaling everything I eat. My doctor had told me, “”Stay away from fatty foods.”” That’s dangerous. Your body needs GOOD fats. It doesn’t need processed foods, and bad carbs. That kills your body. My liver has been trying to compensate for my gallbladder, too, so it is not up to what it is supposed to be. That is causing migraines.

You see, it’s about finding the SOURCES of the problems, and many times, they are related to each other. It’s like peeling an onion. You find the source of the problem that is screaming the loudest first. Start treating that, naturally. When it starts healing, then another one may appear that was drowned out by the previous one.

So many times, doctors just keep trying prescription meds to quiet those symptoms. But the symptoms are screaming out for a reason! They are trying to tell you something! 😉

God Bless.”