I have just read all your stories about gall bladder problems. Mine is a little different, I have my gall bladder out because I had polyps, they were non canerous. Everything went well, 3 weeks I was well recovered, I am 53 and that was 2 years ago. BUT my problems is that I have had accute gall bladder attacks about every 4 months, in the evening, after dinner, I had a CT scan and my doctors have looked at me side ways when I described the shocking squeezing feeling under by bust and when I thought I couldnt bear any more it went away. I didnt know what these attacks were until recently meeting an old friend who had had her gall bladder out and I mentioned what had happened to me and she told me that the pain was just like the pain she got before her gall bladder was removed. Has this happened to anyone else I would love to hear.