I was in an automobile accident in August of this year and within a 2 month time frame lost over 30 lbs. during this time the medication they put me on caused my galbladder to become diseased so they took it out. it has been almost 2 months since the surgey now and though i find it somewhat easier to eat more and more foods but still get the nausea all the time and don’t eat as much as i use to. i find ginger ale is best to drink and helps with the nausea most but i fear when will i start gaining weight and will it happen? i have not gained a pound since my surgery and this bothers me as i have always struggled with my weight. true i do find myself in the bathroom sooner than before and have diarrhea constantly but this just concerns me. i have also heard lot of people get IBS after having the galbladder removed and that the galbladder can grow back. is this true?