“I had gallbladder removal surgery in November and it took until late January (two and 1/2 months) to get over my nausea and be able to eat solid food. During that time, I drank Ensure and lost close to 30 pounds…the smell of food made me sick to my stomach. Finally, my doc put me on Prednisone and the nausea decreased within a week and I was able to start eating again. Since then I haven’t had any problems with my appetite and the nausea is gone.

During the time I was unable to eat, I was in a great deal of fear and despair about ever being able to eat again, but a post by a doctor who said it can sometimes take months helped me to keep the faith and believe that it would change. So, take your time, eat light, non greasy food, drink Ensure for nutrition and calories and eventually your system will recalibrate and settle down.”