“Did any of you experience this kind of pain prior to having your gallbladder removed? I was doing a search on google that landed me here. I was searching for these exact symptoms but my gallbladder has not been removed. I’ve never had any abdominal surgeries in fact.

I have had these symptoms for many years. I dread eating the first meal of the day due to the pains. Sometimes it’s just a feeling of pressure and sometimes the stabbing pains are enough to have me doubled over with pain.

I have tried different foods and the effects are still the same. Sometimes cereal will cause horrible pain and sometimes almost none at all. The same thing is true with all foods I’ve tried.

I’m putting this forth as a suggestion that there may be something else involved. It seems that all of you are looking for something related the the removal surgery. It could, however, be possible that there was another underlying problem that became apparent when the gallbladder was removed.

If anyone comes up with a definitive answer on this subject I’m sure we would all love to know about it.”