Andy- I was glad to read your article because I am going through the same process. My gallbladder was taken out 11-4-2005 and I am going through the whole painful ordeal. My side hurts 24/7-365 days for the past 4-years. My best day is pain level 3-which is very rare, otherwise a constant 6/7 pain level. Doctors/hospitals/specialist done many tests to find nothing- just keep pushing me through the system to get their monies but we get no relief. My pain is not when I eat cause I can not eat too much-water/crackers/pretzels and baby size portion piece of chicken for protein to keep me energy. After struggling these past 4+ yrs. I’m tired and weak- lost alot of weight-110 lbs on a good day- I’m 5ft.-5in. If you get any results there at the Mayo Clinic-yes- please pass on. My Dad was telling me about that place. My monies is so drained from all of this neglence and incompetence. If I should go- I want it to be in my home! Not under a bridge w/ the homeless. After many of test I found out that I have Surgical clips present within the porta (report on my very last test-CT). Does anyone else have this after their gallbladder removal and What is it-or-why? God Bless You All- I feel so much for every one here! Cindy