I Had my gallbladder remove monday on 3-09-09 and i felt like sh*t after my surgery i couldn’t walk sit down eat or drink anything i couldn’t even have a bowel movement either i just start going to the bath tuesday. check this out before i even got my gallbladder out i was in the hospital ever since feb 28-09 because i was so sick. my blood count had went up i could not eat drink or nothing everything was coming back up. my liver count had went up my pancreas was swollen they was thinking a gallstone was in one of my ducts i went through a lot i came home 3-10-09 and was still doing the samething i got so sick i end back up in the hospital saturday i just came home yesterday i dont know what happen but from the Gracy of God i feel a whole lot better i can eat and dont feel sick my bowel is moving i dont hurt any more one thing i can tell everyone is put you faith in the lord and he will heal you cause he heal me trust in him and knowbody else he the only doctor that can fix all your worry.belive in him and see how all your sickness go away? just pray 😀