Your experience is similar to mine in that after the gallbladder surgery I experienced much of what you describe. The bloating and associated pain are most likely the gas you are pumped up with (excuse my rather crude explination, but I am not a physician), during surgery. After surgery this gas moves throughout your body until it disipates. This causes intense pain, and can be felt in your shoulders, back and stomach. As for the pain you are experiencing around the incision site, this I would have looked at. A normal healing incision may be slightly raised, and itchy and there will be some pain, but nothing like you are describing. As far as the bodily functions, that too may be something you have to get used to after having your gallbladder removed. Some people have lifelong constipation, or runny stools (kind of a c**p shoot as to which one you’ll get … no pun intended). If I could go back in time, I would have kept the old gallbladder and taken medication. I don’t think most people are given the down and dirty about having their gallbladders removed. Your body just doesn’t do well without all the pieces and parts.