“To: b-room queenI’ve had very similar diarrhea problems for over 8 yrs, but I’ve not had my gallbladder removed. So far I’ve just had 1 gallbladder attack, a few months ago, but I’ve had 8 yrs of constant diarrhea.

In my case, dieting and staying away from fats, spicy foods, meats, and even a bland diet of cream of wheat has not stopped my 3-8 daily bouts of diarrhea.

I’ve been to a number of Dr.s and been told it’s IBS and after an Endoscopy, last month, I was told it was just a little Colitis, but I have all the symptoms of a sludgy gallbladder, so I’m reasonably sure that’s what I have.

So I’ve give up for the most part believing in what the Dr.s have told me and I’m reading as many post as I can and trying to tie info together and find some answers that work for me…if we all do this, just maybe we can find some answers that work for us that the Dr.s have not been able to find. I’d suggest we do some research and look up on the Internet any other symptoms we have and see if anyone else with diarrhea also has those same symptoms and if they do, then post that information here. Hopefully that information will lead us to some answers or something that might lead to the actual cause of the diarrhea or at least help us slow down or stop the diarrhea. I feel at this point we all need to try to stop being victims of some problem that no one has found an answer for and be proactive and try and find our own answers.

I’ll start by asking if anyone has any other symptoms that don’t seem related. I’ve noticed that I often have a back ache in my mid to upper spine and that one of my vertebra hurts. So I looked this problem on the net and found that it’s usually about T4, where the nerve from the gallbladder inserts into the spine, here. So I’m looking that that aspect to see what the connection is.

I will tell anyone who wants to know that on another board I did find a med. that seems to control the liver bile so that the diarrhea slows down. From what I read on this other board, most of the people on it are living a relatively normal life. I’m currently working on trying get my Dr. to prescribe it. Sorry I don’t have the name in front of me, but it’s something like Welcol..maybe someone knows the exact name..but you can read about it on healingwell.com under the section on GERD or IBS ”