“I’ve been in pain on and off since I had my gallbladder removed 3 years ago. 3 weeks ago I got a bad pain in my upper right side and bile starting coming up…I knew what that meant. I was at work and I fought like heck not to throw up. I couldn’t sit up because of the pain. I wound up leaving work. This past Saturday (10/2/10) I woke up with intestinal pain. I had a couple of bowel movements and then the bile again. I threw up 5 times and then I was taken to the hospital. I’ve had an Ultrasound, Endoscopy, ERCP while in the hospital. All the tests came back negative. One week prior I had an MRI and that also came back negative. Yesterday (10/6/10) I saw the GI Specialist that performed my Endoscopy and that was a waste of my time. He did schedule a SBS with fall thru for tomorrow. I saw my Primary Doctor today and I vented my frustration. She thinks it’s a nerve problem (gallbladder area) and prescribed me a medicine for seizures!!! I’m sooo sick of this!!!! I want some answers!!! Thanks for letting me share.