I had my GB out in 2001. For 2 yrs I did great. Now I have heartburn,diarreha,an indention on my right side and the most unusual muscle spasms on my right side. If I do sit ups or bend over wrong it just grips me. The weird thing is it doesn’t hurt but it scares you You think at any moment it will be painful. I also get a feeling of pressure,same spot. I ate an entire roll of rolaids once thinking it would help…NO. It used to feel like something was in there,but they did a cat scan and could see nothing….The DR. said it was gas…WHAT! I was on a powdered medicine to lower cholesterol, it was supposed to bind to the bile so my stomach would not get so upset. Just made me start passing out. I had a large gallstone by my liver they never got out.They said they could not see it any more. I wonder if that is what’s causing all this??? I take 20mg.of Wal-Mart equate brand Famotidine 2X a day. It helped my heartburn which in my situation is the least of my worries at this point. Anyone with similar symptoms??? One of my friends brothers had same DR. And he has exactly the same thing happening with no real answers.Thanks for your time.