hi. i am a 33 year old female and i had my gall bladder removed 3 years ago, 2 years after i found out i had gall stones. life has been pure hell since then. after 6 months of having to have a bathroom close by after i eat anything, it was suddenly replaced by unbearable pain in my stomach every time i ingested anything. i have a 5 year old child. i found out i was pregnant after 3 days after i found out i had gall stone, thus the delay in the surgery. my life since then have been filled with pain, doctors, medications i need and didn’t need, lots of crying and prayers. my heart goes out to everyone that has to deal with this. for a long time, i thought i was the only one and i thought it was just my doctors who actually tried to put me on anti-depression meds. because they told me it was depression and nothing to do with physical pain. i think they called it a functional problem. well, good news to all the years of pain is that i think i’ve finally found a g.i. who really believes me and is ready to get to the bottom of this. first thing he wants to do is to find out it i have more stones blocking my bile ducts by performing MRI. i don’t know what will happen after that but at least he’s doing more than just blood tests and endoscopy after endoscopy. good luck to all of you out there and i’ll post updates if there are any good or bad news after my MRI. thanks.