Happy to see I’m not alone in this world with this “crappy” problem! I had my GB taken out Oct. 2011 thanks to the wonderful stones that created so much pain I awoke from a dead sleep. Went to the ER got checked out they told me they had to take it out and set up surgery for the next day because my heart rate was “too low”.Did they ever think that I just might now how to relax better than most people? Went through it all had an easy recover thanks to the laprascopic surgery. I thought everything was all good afterwards until I quit taking the pain meds. Then I was introduced to HELL! like everyone else I could be half way through a meal or right at the end and not even 3 min after it would strike. Never in my life have I ever had to plan a route with multiple bathrooms along the way just in case. So since I run a delivery route I had to get this fixed ASAP. Went down to the GI doc and told him the problems and he was like “oh yeah it happens to 15% of people. didn’t the surgeon go over this with you.” HELL NO I wasn’t told about anything. So what’s done is done. He wrote me up an Rx for cholestyramine and I gave it a shot. WOW is all I can say! I went from up to 7 runny ones a day to 1 normal one a day. Not to mention the Rx is pretty cheap. I think retail no insurance is about 30-40 dollars but luckily for me I’ve got the coverage! A little note from experience, if you get the cholestyramine get nothing but the one made by Sandoz. it is a fine powder thats orange flavored and is by far the best tasting one I have tried. Steer clear of the prevalite!! I wish they would really educate people on this because the after effects are just absurd, what can ya do though! 29 years old with my appendix out in 06′ GB out in 11′ diagnosed with gluten allergy among others GERD and EE of the esophagus! Still going strong!