I had my surgery in Oct. I was so darn sick prior to the surgery, and lost 35lbs. So, I was very happy to have the surgery. I felt better immediately. I have experienced some bowel problems and a little nausea. As with all other posters, I do have problems with fatty, greasy foods. Cooking with olive oil really helps. Dairy products dont seem to bother me much. Sometimes, I dont know what causes an attack. I have ate pizza hut pizza several times since I had the surgery, but last week I had a horrible attack after eating PH Pizza. I was on the toilet within 20 minutes and cramped horribly. Had a belly ache for several days following. All in all, its getting better each month. I do take a nexium every day as I was diagnosed with acid reflux as well. I have kept the 35 lbs for the most part.