I had my gallbladder out in Feb 07 and I still get sick every time I eat. It doesn’t matter what I eat- there is no pattern. I get nauseated after eating pretty much anything. I had an xray of my small intestine with the barium swallow, I had an upper gi, and blood taken to see if its celiac or crones disease. They have all come back normal. Could this be the sphincter of oddi dysfunction? I am really at my wits end here- getting sick all the time is no fun as most of you know. I have a follow up with my dr after all these tests next week and I wonder if I should mention the sphincter of oddi thing. Its weird because I don’t feel much pain- just terrible nausea. I swear I am popping pepto bismol like theres no tomorrow and that can’t be good either. I also take phenergran when its really bad but I am almost out of that. I had that when I had my gallbladder problems in the beginning.