“i had my gall bladder removed due to stones 3 years ago (took 3 years for them to even send me for a scan and not just tell me i had indegestion and a furthur 3 to get them to agree to remove it equalling 6 years of incredible pain) and a few weeks after i started having diarrhea numerous times day and night that was bright yellow, also lots of acid reflux, extreme stomach pain and weight loss. it took the doctors 2 years to link the 2 things together, before that i just kept getting told i had IBS and quite frankly they treated me like I was a nuisance wasting their time. after doing my own research and finally seeing the only doctor at the local practice who listens to his patients they sent me to a specialist who did a CPAT scan which revealed i most definately had bile reflux.

i now have anti spasmodic meds for the pain (not useful at all) and colesevelam to soak up the excess bile. sometimes the meds stop the diarrhea but sometimes they dont. bile can just leak out of me on a bad day with no warning so its a very embarassing issue. i can be at the toilet more that 30 times a day which makes working and sometimes even taking my own kids to school dam near impossible. i really want an effective treatment as i want to go to uni and study medicine but i dont see how i can manage it when im glued to the toilet so many times a day or doubled over in pain. i wasnt told about any possible comlications of the surgery other than the minimal risk of death from the anesthetic. had i known i still would have gone ahead with the surgery at the pain from the stones was too much to bear (had to be prescribed pethidine just to cope) but at least i would’ve been able to have a post operative diagnosis alot sooner. im struggling to understand why this doesnt get diagnosed easily following gall bladder surgery as its a very common side affect according to my specialist and the internet, you only have to type bile reflux into a search engine and most results are linked to gall bladder surgery. i now have pernicious anemia due to the bile reflux which means i need injections for the rest of my life. i have no energy most of the time and have 2 small kids to contend with. has anyone got any ideas about different treatments? ive tried the sachets and i just throw up as soon as ive drank them so they dont work at all”