I had my gall bladder out 25 years ago and have had on and off digestive issues ever since. About 18 months ago, after gaining some weight I put on some jeans that were unusually tight and when I bent over experienced extreme pressure and pain on my upper right abdomen. Since then, the entire upper right side of my abdomen seems “thick” and like it is one solid mass. I don’t call it pain but just constant discomfort. It radiates to my back as well, feeling like tight muscles in the back. Food often feels stuck as it passes this area. I have had numerous tests and my gastro doctor told me after the last one that he is almost certain it is scar tissue from the gall bladder surgery because the way the surgeon did it (one 5-inch vertical cut just above the navel) required reaching in and moving things around. I think the scar tissue was always there and I upset it with the jeans incident. Anything around my waist is uncomfortable and there are times that it is hard to believe scar tissue can be so uncomfortable. He does not recommend removal. Ugh!