“Hi,wanted to comment that i also had my gallbladder removed after 7 years of on and off pain in upper right area!!! I also experienced the DUMPING SYNDROME….when a dear aunt of mine brought a deliciuss strawberry cheescake to me a week after my surgery I ate only a little tiny piece and owwwww my lord!!! it was aweful. But, I am a hairstylist and I have supppper clients that I talk about everything toooo and have gotten the best advice!!! do your own research, but I started taking DIGESTIVE ENZYMES and i can eat pretty much anything i want and go to the restroom with dignaty haha!! go to your local health food store and ask for samples and try out a few diffrent kinds to see which work best for u. with this i also started taking probiotics but thats only because i had to take alot of atibiotics before my surgery! trust me …. it has been 3 weeks on the digestive enzymes and i do try to make better choices… but, i have lost 11 pounds …. practically effortlessly. Thanking heavens i felt the need to share this with all of u because i also research alot to find answers the doctors won’t share with us because these products are’nt from a pharmacy and they don’t profit from them.
hope i could help u
thanks for letting me share this with all of you!!!”