“Dont do it unless you change your diet first and still have problem after a few months, unless its an emergency. Had mine done 8 months ago and have been miserable since. Same problems plus feel so bloated with distended stomach that makes me sleep on my back. Do that for a while and you sleep poorly, which makes for overall bad health. Constant feeling of fullness and yawning. Diet is more restricted. Miserable.
Top it off by learning there was nothing wrong with my GB ! IDIOTS !
Dont know what the problem was before or now. Feel like c**p !

gall bladder stores bile, some water is sucked out by GB, which make a concentrate, when you eat you get a squirt of the concentrate. Without it you only get a trickle of regular strength bile, which causes problems for many people. Higher rates of colon cancer as well.
Surgeons go to school to learn surgery. Thats what their interested in and thats what there taught. Thats what they do, and thats what they get paid to do. They are businessmen and thats their business is. Some are honest and some are not. Dont believe all they tell you.”