I am experiencing the same problem. I had my gallbladder removed the end of October 2007. Ever since, I have severe sharp pain in the center of my upper abdomen area. The pain intenses so much it moves to my back and has since started shooting down my arms. I occassionally have nausea before and after eating. I have had blood work done and everything comes back negative. They keep putting me on acid reflux medication, but this is NOT it. They told me this 2 months before my gallbladder was removed and now they’re still telling me acid reflux, it’s not that ! It is becoming a problem, sometimes i worry about leaving the house, the pain puts me in a state i can hardly move or talk. By Feb my doctors want to start tests but I think they should start now, this pain is too much. Hopefully this will all work out for the best. Everyone going through this you’re in my thoughts.