I suffered on and off for 2 years with what I thought was indegestion and then had 7 weeks of hell where it got to the point as soon as I drank water Id be doubled up in pain. After a 2 week stay in Arizona and being very ill on both flights home I saw my GP again who diagnosed an ulcer and told me to drink milk and increase my dairy intake (so lots of fat!!) After ten days I was admitted to hospital where a scan showed a very big gallbladder and alot of stones. I had surgery via keyhole and everything went well. From the day of surgery Ive had diahhrea within an hour of eating and Ive only eaten bland, and small portions of food, Ive lost a stone in 2 weeks. I rang the hospital and was told there were NO side effects and that I must have a bug, even though I felt really well. The past 2 days have been better and Ive kept food “in!” However today for the second time Ive got similar pain I had before the operation, it feels similar to having a chicken bone stuck and pain out of my back. All the stones were removed, during my operation, the surgeon injected a dye to locate any stones in the ducts. Would this still be trapped wind from keyhole surgery? It cant be indegestion surely as I last ate 12 hrs earlier. Ive also noticed Im breathless when I only go upstairs. ??