My name is Tom amd I live in England. I am 50years old and I had my gall bladder removed over 6 years ago in October 2003.Before this I considered myself to be reasonably healthy

I had to have a full cholesystectomy after keyhole surgery was abandoned due to my vital organs being inflamed, which made keyhole sugery too dangerous. I had a large gallstone blocking the entrance to my gall bladder and this caused some seriously painful colic attacks

After my operation my surgeon told me I was full of mush inside and that I had been cleaned up as best as possible.
As at January 2010 I am still in constant pain. My pain is in my abdomen where my scar is and this spreads up into my shoulder blade
and into my neck and arm as the pain level increases.
I have beentold that this is reffered pain.

My pain is with me 24/7 and varies from 2 to 9 on a scale of 10 depending upon activity.
I have been through the A to Z of medication, all with very limited effect on reducing the pain.
I have had physio on several occasions and seen a pain psychologist.and pain management doctors.
I have had injections into the abdomen and ultrasounds and MRI scans which detected no abnormalities.
I spent so much time absent from work due to pain that I finally lost my job in September 2009.
This pain has a huge impact on my everyday life and severely limits what I can do and the length of time I can maintain doing it.
It also has a big effect on my mental state and quality of life.

I am still no nearer a solution to help with my pain today and it is no fun waking up each day(if I manage to get to sleep at night) knowing that another pain filled day is ahead.

I could go on all day about this. It is only part of the story.
Does anybody out there have similar problems? If so you have my utmost sympathy.

Any solutions? I would appreciate any help.”