“I had my gallbaldder removed 5 months ag by laparoscopy. The first few months after I was OK then the problems started. Indigestion bloating as soon as I eat anything heathburn stomack pains liver pains the works.
Wish I had researched all the sites about wheter I should have had this surgery that I think was not necessary. I had two big stones according to the scan and first the surgeon said that they had been there a long time and in his opinion did not cause any problems.
When I complained of a dull pulling pain in my right side he decided it was the stones and I had my gall bladder removed.
Now i am going through hell with digesting problems that I did not have before.
All of you considering or beein urged to have this surgery please take all the time to research this option. Talk to people who had this done before going through this operation for nothing.Code:”