“At least I know now I am not alone in this.

Gallbladder was removed the third week of November last year. Seemed fine for several weeks afterwards as surgery went very well (didn’t even need pain meds of any kind afterwards) and then my liver began to swell. ER said it was nothing unusual? Ran all the tests, and gave me IV of anti-inflamatory meds to take the swelling down. Wish they would have warned me this could happen as I suffered for days before going in. It seems to still swell occasionally about once a week and it feels like a balloon under my rib cage. All tests show it is fine and no problems, so I am guessing just scar tissue from the surgery. BTW-Did you know you can actually watch what was done online? Just google it and it will bring up a video. Kind of explained why my liver swelled after watching what they do to remove them.

After that it has been a two month battle with many very bad days of stomach cramping, lower abdominal cramping, back aches, and loose stools, the first three seem to last from morning until night. No matter what or when I eat, it takes me totally out of commission for the entire day. Heat pads on my back and stomach for most of the day seem to temporairly help the pain. Sure wish some doctor would have told me that the ‘ends’ to my Gallbladder removal would be worse than the ‘means’ were. No stones for me, just a GB full of sludge and functioning at 7%, and it was misdianosed for about 10 years.

Today is another bad day, and thought I would look online if others suffer the same problems afterward.

I have been watching my diet, and one tiny bit of any type of fatty foods will assure me of loosing the following day to pain and being useless. Sometimes, even without any fat I am down for the count for the entire day. It normally doesn’t effect me immediately, not until the next morning. I wake up early and run to the restroom as fast as possible.

If this is how my life is going to continue, who needs it? I am getting fed up with the pain and not being able to accomplish even normal tasks because of this. And to top it off, this morning the heart burn began. Just what I needed, another symptom to add to the lengthy list of so many already. I have to admit, if I would have known of all these complications, I would have lived with the GB pain for as long as possible before going along with the doctors idea of having it removed.