My mother is also having the same problems. She had gall stones removed last October. My sister passed away a few months later and my mom lost a lot of weight. My mom always had a pretty big stomach but I noticed that as she lost the weight her stomach just seemed to stay the same or get bigger even. She began to notice that she was bloated and went to the dr. The doctor said that it happens often with gall blader and it is just gas. My mom said thath she does experience alot of gas now..like when she goes to the restroom. I’d like to think maybe the dr is right but I just dont trust them. My syster was misdiagnosed and thats what led to her death..now I think I am just extra paranoid wiht myparents and their old age. I did ask my mom to call the dr and ask them to review the bloodwork to make sure CD is counted out. If anyone thinks of anything else or find that it is just common with gall bladder surgery…please reply. I don’t know what to do for her.