“So I am looking for solutions and find most of you have problems worse than I do. Gall bladder removed in March. Had bad stomach pain below rib cage across middle of stomach through to my back. Only donatol would relieve pain. After surgery, I can eat most anything. Sometimes my stomach feels “”funny””, not painful, just “”funny””. I can eat something to try and make the feeling go away and sometimes it gets better, sometimes no effect. My real problem is that consistently, every morning between 3 and 6 AM, I get the same extreme pain as before surgery. It happens fast. Within one minute of the onset of the sensation, I am really hurting. Burning pain across my midsection, through to my back. But if I eat a banana, by the time I am half way through, the pain is usually gone. A piece of bread works the same way. I need to get something in my stomach. Then I am good for the rest of the day unless I don’t eat for a long period, then the same pain returns.

Doctor has suspected reflux but extra pills have had no effect (I was already taking protonix). I find no correlation with any foods that I eat. I can drink red wine, eat hamburgers with cheese, raw and cooked fruit and vegetables or seemingly whatever. No matter what I do or don’t eat, the next morning, I get the burning pain. I don’t know what will happen if I can’t eat something, but I dare not do the experiment because I know it will be excruciating.

I am in the middle of trying to get answers, so if I find anything, I will report back.”