“I had mine taken out when I was 10 weeks pregnant in 1995.I too have this horriable problem.I sometimes do not make it through my meal before I RUN to the pot.I have just decided to eat once a day and AVOID restraunts all together.You did not mention PAIN.I have pain that is as painful as the gall bladder attacks were.Rarely, this happens to me without eating,but it does happen.My pain is so severe that if I am driving I have to pull into a parking lot wherever and it always doubles me over.I went to the ER once and they said “”oh,it’s just irritable bowel syndrome””
And a doc I use to have said the same thing.A year ago I heard on the radio that they were accepting people for a clinical study for free medicine for irritable bowel syndrome,and to call a 1-800 number.I did,the man asked me 15-20 questions and then said that I don’t even match irrtable bowel and then hung up.I am sorry I have no answer for you,but wanted you to know that this I GUESS is what we have to SUFFER with for the rest of our lives.IT SUCKS BADLY!Get medimucil, fiber cereals and/or fiber pills.Take them for a month and see if it helps.IF IT DON’T then you don’t have irritable bowel syndrome.And then ask your do and tell him you did the fiber thing.It did not work on me,Maybe you can get someone to care.I can’t
Good luck bathroom buddy!
Jennifer ”