My problem is I never run to bathroom after eating. I am the lucky one who always waits till I am sleeping or visiting someone out of state!! I at this time have not had my gallbladder out but for the past few years have had tests for it and nothing. I have pain on my upper right, some sharp, some just sore all the time. So far test shows its fine but now I suffer from constant nausea. Is all this normal. I am surprised with modern technology they cannot deal with the gallblader better. Now if they do decide to take it out, sounds like I will still suffer the same symtoms as I have now. Yes I cramp when I have no time to get to know the toilet and maybe visit it on too many occasions but this constant nausea is what worries me but what worries me the most is all these DOCTORS who think they know best so lets put people thru ever un-human test we can come up with!!!