“Everyone’s pain seems to be on the left. Does anyone post-gallbladder have abdominal/side/back pain on the right?

I had my gallbladder out 13 years ago. I had a lap done. At the time I was doing habitat restoration, and was back out in the field a week later working. I was never told to eat a fat free diet for a few weeks, or any alteration at all was needed in my diet. In fact, the next morning in the hospital they gave me pancakes and sausage for breakfast! I never had any problems at all after my surgery.
But now I am in constant pain on the right. It’s a burning pain, from my pelvic area to up under my ribs. This has been going on for a year. I had a CT scan, an ultrasound, and bloodwork. My doctor suggested I take paxil for my pain (basically it’s all in my head). Another doc. said there’s nothing wrong with me and go home and enjoy my life and play with my kids. They did not refer me to a GI doctor or anything like that. ”