“Hi !
Been reading all the msgs! I am 67 yrs old,,had my gall bladder removed Feb 2001.
I still have had indigestion,or IBS like symtoms off and on. I went to GNC health store,got Super enzymes in a “”blue cobalt “” bottle,I takeo ne with each meal,and also the white and blue Pro-biotics,Acidphadoplis caps. I take one a day. They work faNTASTIC! i ALSO TAKE MY USUAL nEXIUM 40MG CAPS. i REWALLY HAVE TO WATCH
what I eat! I can’t seem to eat any type beans,broccolli,cabbage,,milk products,.
I do a lot of reading,I will say to everyone,do not drink Diet cola,regular pop! Its terrible for your l liver or kidneys! A natural pathic dr on tv ,said its best to leave all bicarbonated drinks alone. I also found, coffe aggravates my intestines,stomach! So I drink mostly bottled water,ice tea,some juice. I now also have to watch my blood sugar level,so I use Sweet and Low sweetner. The best all natural sweetner,””STEVIA””,which can be gotten at any health food store! I stick to Salmon,fish,chicken. very litltlebeef! Everytime UI eat ground beef,roast,steak,.I get gas problems. Could be the steroids they feed the animals. I suggest if possible,best to go organic!
Best Regards,