“I had my gallbladder removed in May 2010. I was in horrible pain before the surgery. Burning in my upper abdomen and right side and felt nauseous all of the time. I, too, thought after my surgery I would feel so much better. So many people I had known had the surgery and recovered in no time at all.
My experience has been so different. I was in awful awful pain from the surgery. Couldn’t walk for 3 weeks. Wearing clothes was difficult because my incisions were so tender.
I was out of work for 2 months- and only really went back because I had no more sick days. Although the pain from the incisions is much better, the pain overall is not. I have horrible pain on the whole right side of my abs and it radiates into my back. Pants still bother me. I often pull them away from my waist so it doesnt put any pressure on me.

It seems to actually be getting worse and not better. People think I am making it up because so often people talk about how easy this surgery is. That is a total farce. This whole experience has not been easy, and I am just hoping it gets better.

For those of you that are experiencing the same thing and Drs are saying they can’t find anything, what do we do? If many of us out there have this surgery and experience the same thing, there must be something to what we are feeling? ”