“the doctor that did the surgery for me, told me that if you have diarrhea that its ok, but if your stool is yellow or orange, running a fever , shaking, disorientated , or pain worsen to call him immediately. doesn’t mean that something is wrong but, something could be, and you should have it checked. I would think that your surgeon in pre and post Op- would of told you this, this is why you were to have the person that would be taking care of you, to go with you, so that they also could remind you of what you needed to be doing or not doing , feeling. Take surgery serious, and what the doctor has to say serious. some of these posts are crazy. “” my stool is yellow and I have a fever”” IM SURE THE SURGEON SAID CALL ME IF ANYTHING GETS WORSE. if nothing else the nurse or receptionist should be able to help you.

and they should of also told you, or you should of asked, that 5% of people who do get gallbladder surgery can not eat certain foods, its not because of the doctor its the way your body digests foods. your gallbladder was hurting for a reason, it could no longer store the ‘bile’ it needed to aid your digestion. so please, if you cant eat certain foods, stop eating them, find something that works. My grandmother when she got colon cancer found out she could not eat anything with flour in it, so she has to go all to whole wheat’s. so don’t forget to read labels and find out what works for you instead of complaining you cant eat your curly fries and elephant eat in one sitting. Also if your in pain, go to the doctors. sometimes it takes just that one doctor to find it for you, it took me 20 years to find out that my gall bladder was in some serious damage. but so far it has been worth it!”