“I feel a little different… I started having pains in my side, back and horrible heart burn. The heart burn started and I thought it was due to eating to fast.. however after I looked back over time I saw that the symptom was due to my gall bladder. With the pain at first I thought it was Kidney stones but the dr ran a sonogram on me to see if I had gall stones. I didn’t have stones, however I started to get worse and for the next 2 months anyhing I ate lasted maybe 3 minutes and came back up. He then ran the hydascan or hidascan not sure how its spelt and it showed that my gall bladder had just shut down on me with only 18% still working. By the time I had surgery and got it out it as about to rupture and that was only about a week or so later. Has anyone else had this problem of it shutting down without any reason… I have no kids *as they say moms are more easily to suffer this issue*.

I have went fro a size 5 to a 9/10 yet its just in my lower tummy where I cant fit into my pants. I look swollen and have tried many differet things to lose the weight. I feel awkward becauce even from high school and when I first started colleg I weighed 125-135 Im like solid muscle now i weigh 140-145 and jumped like to a 10… to me that seems odd and very bad on my self image of myself. I feel insecure as ever and I hate the way my stomach looks. I have constant problems and it happens randomlly… I never know if what I eat is going to make me hurt or cause bowel movements or not. I have found it to be all types of food not just the fatty ones as well. Even salad at times will hurt me the worst. I recently got a subway salad and instead of dressing i just squeeze maybe 2 or 3 teaspoons of lime on it. Not even that much really just to give it flavor and it tore my stomach up. I cant do dairy at all, no bbq, no beer, and yet other days cheese wont do a thing to me.. I have nexium that kills my pocket book but even that doest help me. If I hurt it feels to what to me is like a heart attack.

Has anyone gone thru this? Is there anything at all that can be done or with time does it ease a lil or get any better?”